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What is Cloud Computing and Benefits of Cloud Computing

The delivery of computing services like networking, software, storage, database, servers, analytics over the cloud or you can say over the internet is known as cloud computing.

We are all the time using cloud computing u might be wondering how? Then there is an answer to it, whatever we do use online services like listening to music, sending an email, watching a movie, playing games, etc. It is all done with the help of cloud computing. Cloud computing makes all these services possible.

We can do a number of things with the help of cloud computing like video and audio streaming, providing software as per requirements, analyze data to check the patterns and predict the outcomes, development of new applications and services, data storage, recovering data, and creating backup of data.

Cloud computing provides us with rapid access to low cost, flexible IT resources. When you use cloud computing you only pay for what you use.

Cloud computing is a thrust built to run a business successfully and capable with no doubt Cloud computing is a model of opportunity, and it will change how you run your business.

How Cloud Computing Work

cloud computing

You are provided with a straightforward technique to enter into databases, a wider range of application services, and data storage through the internet by cloud computing. The required hardware which is connected by the network for such applications and services is owned and maintained by Cloud service platforms such as Amazon Web Services, and from these services, you just use what is needed for you.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Reduction in The Cost Managing and Maintaining IT Systems: cloud computing helps reduce the cost of IT systems, it saves you from purchasing expensive tools and systems for your business, and instead use the resources of cloud computing service provider. Your operating cost reduces because you do not have to pay wages for extra staff, vigor consumption cost is abridged, time delays are abridged, the expenditure of new hardware, software along with system upgrade is included in your contract, and last but not the least energy consumption cost is reduced.
  • Increased Swiftness and Dexterity: using cloud computing has made our work fast because every new IT resource is just a click away and you can make those resources available to the developers within no time. This leads to a spectacular boost in the dexterity for the organization because the time and cost in experimenting and developing are significantly reduced.
  • Business Permanency: cloud computing ensures that a copy of your data is made i.e. creating a backup of your data and is confined in a safe and secure location so that you are able to access your data again and conduct your business as usual without any loss of productivity.
  • Automatic Updates: automatic updates of the software helps u stay updated with the latest version of the software. Your service fees include the fees for the automatic update of your IT requirements. Your system regularly gets updated with the latest technology which depends upon your cloud computing service provider.
  • Going Global: lower latency and better experience is provided to your customer at a nominal cost by deploying your applications in several regions around the world with just a few clicks by cloud computing.
  • Scalability: your business range is never the same it is sometimes up the scale and sometimes down the scale and for this, your larder needs to be flexible as per your needs. Your cloud computer service provider installs the upgrades itself so you need not purchase and install these expensive upgrades yourself. Using a cloud you can keep running with your business as it frees up your time.
  • Association Efficiency: If the same project is worked upon from different locations than with the help of cloud computing you can give your contractors, employees, and third-party access to the same file. This feature of cloud computing provides you with the benefit of sharing your files with your advisers quickly and safely.
  • Litheness of Work Application: this characteristic of cloud computing allows the employees to execute new flexibility in their vocation. You can work from anywhere at any time using this feature.
  • Mobility: in today’s era everyone is using mobile phones, so to ensure that no one is left out of the ring cloud computing allows mobile admittance to corporate data via smartphones and devices.
  • Functioning Issues: cloud computing has very few functioning issues. Cloud computing looks very complicated but actually is very less complicated than other infrastructures. Cloud is more reliable than your own, on-location server because it runs on its own servers through a company whose job is to make cloud function bug-free. Cloud computing also requires less capital to start-up.

Posted on July 26, 2018 by NAH