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What is the Ultimate Goal of Supply Chain Management in an Organisation?

Supply Chain Management is a division of management that helps any firm construct the product at the lowest prices with higher quality. It is a multiple-step process that includes collecting raw products to convert them into the final product. Supply Chain Management Assignment is practiced to increase customer satisfaction and belief in the organization. Almost every company uses this technique to decrease the costs and late deliveries of their product. During the time of COVID-19, everyone initiates to do online shopping from various e-commerce websites. These websites ensure their customers provide them with timely delivery and quality products. Hence, they use supply chain management to increase their services and customer satisfaction. It has increased the requirement for supply chain managers who handle and supervise the whole process without any complications.

Several students pursue their further studies in supply chain management as they find it very interesting and helpful. Those scholars who know how to manage their time and reduce the costs of the product can do this course. These are the two main features of supply chain managers. A student can easily participate in this course and get expertise with these abilities. But, students are unable to do that as they get worried about their final results. Due to this, they are incapable of completing the Supply Chain Management Assignment smoothly. Therefore, they seek professional assistance for the completion of their assignments.

Importance of Supply Chain Management in any Business

  • It reduces the production cost of goods and services. It can be done by selecting the best products at the lowest prices. It will help the organization to reduce the raw material shortage and increase the chances of timely delivery.
  • A supply chain manager helps the firm decrease the price of elevators and the expenses of goods and services.
  • A supply chain manager can also predict the behavior of the stock market by observing previous trends. It will help the organization to save its capital amount from losses.
  • They also manage the on-time delivery of goods and services that will help them to increase customer satisfaction and trust.

Challenges of Supply Chain Manager

A supply chain manager faces several challenges while managing the Supply Chain Management Assignment of the business. These hurdles create several problems for them like increasing costs and timely delivery of goods and services. Students who study supply chain management in their academics come to learn about all these challenges. They will get expertise in these abilities when they have to do their Supply Chain Management Assignment. In this section, we are going to learn about these difficulties:

  • A rise in the price of raw materials during the supply chain management process will influence any supply chain harshly. It will happen due to the increased costs of raw materials and an increment in labor costs.
  • The second challenge faced by the supply chain manager is due to several market channels and their interconnections.
  • Sometimes, they also face difficulty due to the last-moment demands of the customer in faster delivery and product quality.
  • Supply Chain Manager also faces pressure in maintaining the proper chain to create the best revenues for the company.

How does Supply Chain Management Work?

Supply chain management is a very lengthy method that requires a lot of concentration to manage every task carefully within the timeline. The managers need to analyze each circumstance while accomplishing any Supply Chain Management Assignment to enhance their customer reviews. An individual needs to consider every factor to remain their supply chain ineffective. It is a five-step process that includes the following steps:

Management of Customer Demand: In this step, one can think about the timely delivery of the product and make sure that the customer receives their goods safely. It includes three processes: demand planning, trade promotion planning, and merchandise planning.
Supply Management: This step comprises various levels of management such as supply planning, inventory planning, distribution planning, capacity planning, and production planning. All these processes include the production method and quality control of the goods.
Sales & Operations Planning: In this step, the supply chain manager looks toward the factors affecting the market and sales of any organization. It focuses on various things such as production, management, and marketing.
Product Portfolio Management: The product portfolio includes the idea and making of any new product. It also involves the introduction and commercialization of the product into the market.
Practices of Supply Chain Management: Several supply chain practitioners do this part to study various supply chain management practices. It will help them to think about these situations and provide real-time solutions to the company.


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Posted on October 24, 2021 by NAH