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Steps of Writing an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is a creative practice that is not possessed by most of the students nowadays. The major purpose of essay writing is to express the point of view. While it is considered to be quite an easy and simple task to apprehend by some of the students, many of them feel dreaded to attempt the essay writing task. Essay writing is no doubt an essential part of a student’s academic journey. Students need to write several essays on different topics assigned to them by their teachers and instructors. There are many reasons why students dodge writing an essay. But to put an end to this struggle of essay writing we have come up with the effective steps that can be followed in order to write a perfect essay.

Steps Involved in Essay Writing

To simplify the task of essay writing students can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Read The Assigned Essay Topic Very Keenly
  • Initiate The Research and Analysis Work
  • Brainstorm The Ideas
  • Prepare The First Rough Draft of Essay
  • The Opening/Introductory Paragraph
  • Body of The Essay
  • The Closure And Conclusion of The Essay
  • Proofread and Edit
  • Ask For Feedback

Read The Assigned Essay Topic Very Keenly – The first and most effective step towards writing an impactful essay is to read and apprehend the topic appropriately. One must catch the actual meaning and requirement of the essay. After the apprehension of the topic give it a catchy title so that the teachers and readers can hook with the title by just giving it a glance. Giving an effective essay title is a crucial thing to pay attention. One should never overlook the importance of the title and topic of an essay.

Initiate The Research And Analysis Work – Research is considered to be the backbone of essay writing. One must start questing for relevant data and information. It is necessary to make an in-depth research before initiating the essay writing task. One must avoid hatching the irrelevant information and data into the essay. This will only add irrelevance information in a piece of work. So be selective in choosing the amount and quality of information. Making rough notes while doing extensive research will be beneficial.Brainstorm the Idea

Brainstorm the Ideas – Brainstorming is quite an important step involved in essay writing. One can write down important facts, quotes that can be used in the essay. This will enhance the quality of an essay. Relevant points and ideas must be jotted down instantly. Mind mapping can also help in stimulating the lateral thinking.

Prepare The First Rough Draft of Essay – After getting done with all the researching and brainstorming stuff it’s the time outline the essay roughly by fetching all the important information, quotes, and data, etc. This step involves minute observation in arranging the slot of information at an appropriate place. The outline of the essay must contain all the required research and relevant information. One can also use diagrams and tables to make it more appealing and attractive. These trends will add extra points to your essay writing. The topic must be written at the top and after that, all information and arguments must be arranged according to its relevancy. One must start by listing the most significant ideas at the top and other less important ideas after that.The Opening/Introductory Paragraph

The Opening/Introductory Paragraph – The introductory paragraph shows the focus and objective of your essay. The opening paragraph must be strong enough to make the readers agree with the given stand or we can say the point of view of the writer. It must be attention grabber so that the reader can connect with it instantly. A dialogue or impressive quote can be used in the opening paragraph of the essay.

Body of the Essay – The body of an essay describes the attached information and expresses the ideas in depth. Not a single piece of relevant information must be dropped in this section of the essay. The student must lookout for any loose threads and bind/arrange them accordingly. There must not be any half or incomplete information in the body of an essay. The proper format must be followed within the whole essay writing process.

The Closure and Conclusion of the Essay – Now comes the summing up session of the overall ideas and information. The conclusion paragraph must be as impactful as the opening one. The conclusion must contain powerful arguments and sentences that justify your point of view. Put the necessary details that can prove to be effective in engaging the reader throughout.

Proofread and Edit

Proofread and Edit – When you are done with the overall essay writing process, it is not the time to sit back and relax. Give yourself a tiny break and get back to the revision segment of your crafted essay. Start revising your essay from the introduction paragraph and look out for any error and spelling mistakes. If you observe that some changes are needed to be made regarding any portion in the essay you must rectify it as soon as possible. Proofreading the essay is a quite important tool to craft an error-free work.

Ask For Feedback

Ask For Feedback – Feedback from friends, tutors, and teachers can prove to be a brilliant idea as it will help in reviewing your essay by someone else’s point of view. In this way, you can get to know about the flaws and loopholes in your essay writing and you can correct them instantly.

Few Things to Keep in Mind While Writing an Essay

  • Essay writing is a creative task and creativity comes out when you feel relaxed. So try to find out your relax zone and start writing with enthusiasm.
  • Shut down all the distracting factors around you. If you feel disturbed with the chaos around you get yourself in a quiet place where you can concentrate better.
  • You can turn-on light music if it helps you soothe your mind.
  • Students must not use informal language in essay writing. The usage of slangs and jargons should be avoided in a formal piece of writing.
  • If you are writing a lengthy essay give yourself short breaks as it enhances your thinking abilities.
  • Keep an eye on your given word limit as it can impact the quality of an essay.
  • Pay attention to grammar rules and sentence formation.

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