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Research Methods in Thesis and Dissertation Writing

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A research methodology used while writing a dissertation or a thesis forms the heart of the writing. Research is an important and primary aspect of writing a thesis and dissertation. The primary focus in both the methods of writing is research, the thesis and dissertation are only written at various academic levels such as Post Doc, Ph.D., MPhil, Masters Paper, etc.

The research methodology adopted is entirely at the discretion of the student. There are various research methodologies and each research methodology is used depending upon the topic of the thesis. Ideally, research is of two types:

  • Theoretic research largely relies on factual, verifiable data collected and based on firsthand information gathered from people in the form of interview questionnaires, discussions, surveys, and many such group discussion forums.
  • Practical research largely depends on gathering historical information prewritten in books, archives, manuscripts, etc. This information is primarily based on published information and gathered from libraries, journals, etc.
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While Research is of Two Types, Research  Methodology is of The Folltypes: Types

Quantitative: As the name suggests, quantitative relates to a measurable form of research, also known as quantifiable. The data is gathered here using interviewing people, discussion forums, questionnaires, observations, surveys, recording behavioral traits, etc. Here people are directly involved and their opinions are recorded, formulated, and converted,e data which is then used to make conclusive decisions. The data acquired from this type of methodology is also termed soft data.

Qualitative: This type of research methodology is an approach used by many academic fields to determine the impact on a certain age group, ethnicity, etc. The data acquired from this type of research methodology is often termed hard data. This data is considered on a totality basis total divi basis rather. Here data is collected using published documents, personal journals, photographs, archives, and also by observations, by being a non-participative member in a discussion forum, etc.

Correlation/Regression Analysis: Correlation/Regression involves finding the relation relationship elements of the research. The significance of such research methodology is largely found in the FMCG and Management fields. They have a scientific formula for calculating the said relational dependency.

Meta-Analysis: This sort of research methodology measures the average impact of a certain product, data, incident, etc.

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1. What role does research methodology play in thesis and dissertation writing?

Research methodology is the foundation of thesis and dissertation writing, guiding the process of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. It determines the approach and techniques used to address the research questions or objectives.

2. How do I choose the appropriate research methodology for my thesis or dissertation?

The selection of research methodology depends on various factors, including the nature of the research topic, research questions, objectives, and available resources. It is essential to conduct a thorough literature review and consult with your academic advisor to determine the most suitable methodology for your study.

3. What are the different types of research methodologies commonly used in thesis and dissertation writing?

There are several types of research methodologies, including theoretic research, practical research, quantitative research, qualitative research, correlation/regression analysis, and meta-analysis. Each methodology has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the study.

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