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Quarantine Costs for Indian Students in Foreign Universities

The global pandemic covid-19 is badly affecting international student’s lives. Education is the most affected sector during this pandemic. Due to international travel restrictions, students are stuck at their respective places and studying via remote mode. But now, foreign countries have started removing travel restrictions under some terms and conditions. The international universities reduce the quarantine costs to assist the students during harsh conditions.

India has come under the red list. The red list means the most affected and contaminated country. Indian students are allowed to enter the campuses after completing their 10 day quarantine period. After this, they have to submit the negative covid report on their campus to continue their course.

The officials announced that Indian students must complete their quarantine in hotels. It increases the fear of budget in the international students. But later, various countries like the UK, USA, and Australia come forward and financially support their students by reducing the Quarantine Costs. They either support them via removing their tuition fees and directly sponsor their hotel expenses.

Universities said, “for us, student’s health is our prime priority. We understand that due to this global pandemic, numerous students lost their earning persons. And for them spending a huge amount of money for quarantine is not possible. Therefore we give our best to support them financially”.

Name the Universities that Financially Help Indian Students

Well, several counties have started providing financial aid to Indian students. As you know, international students are a great source of income for foreign universities. According to the report of HESA, there is tremendous growth in the number of Indian students. Around 38,580 Indian students have enrolled in UK universities from the years 2015-2020. So, just imagine how much money they are making from Indian students. That’s why it becomes necessary for them to take care of their needs and provide them with all the help they genuinely need.

Here are the names of UK universities that support the quarantine cost of Indian students:-

  • Coventry University:- Coventry University provides £1500-£1650 help to the international students under their quarantine cost.
  • Northampton University:- This university also provides the best support to Indian students. It gives £750 discounts on the college accommodation.
  • University of York:- The University of York provides a refund of the entire cost.
  • RHUL:- Royal Holloway university gives the grant to international students for around £1650.
  • Leeds University:- This university covers the entire cost of quarantine and test fees as well. The average cost of support that they are giving is around £1750.
  • Brunel University:- Brunel university removes the entire cost of quarantine for the red list countries.
  • University of Bristol:– Bristol university bears the cost of your hotel accommodation that will be around 1750 pounds.
  • Oxford’s Brookes University:- This University refunds your entire tuition fees. This will decrease the burden of Indian students.
  • Newcastle University:- Newcastle University will reimburse your entire quarantine cost.
  • Keele University:- Keele university provides free hostel accommodation to international students. So, they don’t have to spend their quarantine period in hotels.
  • Cardiff University:- Cardiff University has a large number of Indian students. Thus, they give their best support by refunding their college tuition fees.
  • University of Lincoln:- This university covers the cost of quarantine and test fees. The average cost of support that they are giving is around £1650.
  • London Metropolitan University:- This university has numerous Indian students. They help them by bearing their total tuition fees. The cost they are bearing is around 2000 pounds.
  • University of Manchester:- It bears a total Quarantine cost that will be around 1750 pounds. This university has truly helped its international students by providing them with all the possible support.

Other than these universities, Regent’s University of London, Lancaster University, Queen Mary UOL, University of Sheffield, the University of Westminster, and the University of Surrey provide the best support to their students. These universities aid the students around £1750-£2000. It includes the cost of hotel quarantine and testing fees.

Is Reducing the Quarantine Cost Beneficial for the International/Indian Students?

Yes, reducing the quarantine cost will support the Indian students genuinely. During the time of covid-19, many students lost their part-time jobs, and some of the students also lost their earning family members. So, managing the whole expenses by themselves becomes so difficult for the students. Reducing the quarantine cost is undoubtedly a kind gesture of the university. It shows that they genuinely care about their students and their future.

It is a commendable step that all international universities have taken. In such difficult times, this huge aid will reduce the burden on the students and their families.


By reducing or eliminating the entire Quarantine Costs, international universities give the best moral and financial support to their Indian students. It will benefit the students and increase the worth and reputation of the university as well. At such a crucial time, giving prime aid to the students is a commendable step and increases the productivity of the students. Here we share the authentic information that makes you aware of how the foreign universities support the Indian students in their hard times.

Posted on August 9, 2021 by NAH