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Psychological Health Assignment Help for College Students

Challenges Faced by Colleges Students in Terms of Psychological Health

Once the school is finished and summer vacations are over, the students are so much in excitement to start their college. It gives them a new sense of freedom which they have not experienced before. But with freedom come other challenges such as mental or psychological health issues especially for those who cannot withstand the responsibility or burden of being on their own. The independent life surely brings some trills but it comes at a price where one has to take care of everything on their own which in turn adds to their stress level. Colleges do address this issue and therefore appoint someone like a counselor to help students tackle this situation. There are various forms of psychological issues which a student can suffer from such as:

  • Depression due to loneliness, peer pressure, bullying, etc.
  • Anxiety due to lagging behind in studies, not able to complete college assignments on time, getting poor grades as a lot depends on them.
  • Suicidal tendencies again due to bullying, poor grades, loneliness, incapable of handling the pressure of independent life, etc.
  • An eating disorder can be a result of depending on outside food too much, not getting the right nutrients in the body. Eating mainly junk.
  • An addiction that can easily happen to any student as the colleges are common grounds of drug abuse, alcohol, smoking, etc.

In these situations, a student needs proper help from a professional counselor and it is the duty of the administration to provide such counselor to the students. It is seen quite often that mental health is ignored on the part of the person dealing with it as it is difficult to make people understand without giving the impression that they are not going insane. This discourages the students to reach out to their parents or friends to discuss their mental issues which in some cases prove to be really fatal. It important that a student needs to be encouraged by the college authorized to talk about their problems and come up with some solutions. Counseling is the best way to help a student keep their stress levels in check. A counselor can help them in various different ways to cope with their depression, anxiety and other mental health issues by first talking thoroughly to them in order to reach the root cause of such an occurrence in the child and secondly providing suitable solutions based upon their experiences and treating other people of similar conditions.

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Mental or psychological health issues can happen to any student that enrolls in college and start an independent life. It’s important to address them and seek help. Topics related to mental health given in assignments can easily be completed with the help of expert services offered by online college assignment services.

Posted on March 12, 2020 by NAH