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NURS 11164 Effective Communication in Healthcare

Nurses are usually the first responders to any kind of emergency, humanitarian crisis, and disaster. They play an essential role in strengthening the health system. An effective nurse is good at communication. Communication is very important for nurses because they are the ones who talk to the patients to know their problems and inform the doctor about all patient’s activities effectively. The way a nurse interacts puts a major influence on a patient’s outcomes and health. That is why effective communication in healthcare is necessary to avoid any kind of confusion. Nursing students have to learn various things during their graduation period that teach them to become better nurses in the future. Nursing students work in hospitals to gain some real-life situations and learn how to handle patients from different communities. In all this, they usually forget the importance of projects and assignments given by universities.

Nurs 11164 effective communication in healthcare assignment provides to the students. This explains how person-centred communication is using to establish and maintain an effective relationship with the patient. It establishes a professional relationship with the patient. This course Nurs 11164 effective communication in healthcare is provided by the CQUniversity in Australia that is beneficial for nursing students. There are a number of students purses this course because it develops some essential skills like ethical standards, therapeutic communication, oral skills requires in clinical handover, maintenance of professional boundaries,  and strategies that help in resolving and maintaining challenging situations essential for healthcare professionals.

Importance of Effective Communication in Healthcare –

Good communication in healthcare means interacting with the patient to know their experiences, concern’s and opinions. No doubt the most important skill is listening skill and nurses who listen carefully and understand their patient’s concern are better prepared to address the issues as they arise and result in better patient outcomes. According to the report provided by the joint commission shows that poor communication contributed to 80% of serious medical failures or patient’s misunderstanding in getting the right directions that may lead to failure in following the ethical treatment protocols.

These reasons are enough to convince you of the importance of effective communication in healthcare. Now, let us understand the important communication skills that students can learn through Nurs 11164 Effective communication in healthcare graduation:

  • Active Listening – Listening is the most crucial skill which requires complete attention and engagement.
  • Written Communication – It is essential for nurse-to-nurse communication as they have to update patient records.
  • Presentation Skills – This is required when transferring the patient care to another nurse. This skill shows your knowledge and your field of expertise in a workplace setting.
  • Patient Teach-Back – This skill is important for the family nurse practitioners as this is an effective communication strategy that focuses on patient education, where the nurse asks the patient to repeat the information back to them.
  • Build Personal Connections – This skill helps them to build trust and make the patient feel safe and comfortable.
  • Cultural Awareness – This skill will grow as you work with different people and meet patients from all over the world.
  • Conveying Compassionate Communication – This skill helps in improving or providing fast recovery from acute illness and relieves patient’s anxieties.

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Download the NURS 11164 Effective Communication in Healthcare Assignment Sample Here: NURS 11164 Effective Communication in Healthcare

Posted on June 9, 2021 by NAH