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Doing Assignments at The Last Minute – Reasons You Shouldn’t!

Ever found yourself pulling an all-nighter, right before your assignment submission date? Relatable, isn’t it?

Though this is the most common way of finishing assignments, it is not good for you. Assignments are made for a special purpose. They are meant to be a process, where a student can learn about a topic. A student is supposed to research and write what he/she finds.

If a student tries to finish the assignment in one night. He/she tends to lose out on the learning process. If the learning process is skipped. Knowledge does not last more than a day.

“Assignment Equals Knowledge”

In special cases, maybe a few days, but not more than that. The reason is, that assignment helps the student focus on the subject with more depth than usual. The student has to research and read a lot, which helps the brain gain more knowledge. This knowledge stays because the student has more time to read about the subject.

There are a few more reasons why doing your assignments at the last minute will do more harm than good. These reasons are:

  • Missed Words – When you try doing your assignments at the last minute, your brain rushes. You will write more but with the chance of errors. Since your brain is rushing, your hands are too. There is less sync between your hands and your brain. You will miss many words while writing your assignment. The sentences you write will be incomplete, will miss important words, and will have the same word more than once. This is because of the rush.
  • Missed Errors – When you are trying to finish your assignment in a short period. You try to move as fast as possible. This speed is dangerous. When you normally read, your brain doesn’t pick up each word. Instead, your brain makes assumptions about the word that you are about to read. It assumes the next word and that is how you read it. So, just imagine, if this is how your brain works at normal speed. What would happen if you read through the assignment at a higher speed? You’ll miss more words than normal. That means you’ll have more errors in your assignment.
  • Wrong Information – 10 references in your assignments. If you have time, you can read the 10 references thoroughly. But if you are rushing through them as well. You are not going to read the whole page. You’ll just read it a bit. What if the page talks about something else? You just read a few lines from the top and assume the whole page is something. But the page isn’t that something, but something else. You’ll just mention the wrong information. This will result in you getting a bad grade.

There are many more ways a quickly made project could go wrong.

It is advised that assignments should not be done at the last minute. But it should be done slowly. A student should utilize the time that is provided. The best assignment is made that way.

So, if you were planning to do your assignments at the last minute. Now you know.

Why is it emphasized that assignments shouldn’t be done at the last minute?

Assignments are not just about completing a task; they serve as a learning process. Rushing through them hampers the learning experience and often leads to errors and incomplete understanding of the subject matter.

How does completing assignments last minute affect the learning process?

Completing assignments hastily skips the crucial step of research and deep understanding. This results in superficial knowledge that tends to fade quickly, as it hasn’t been properly absorbed.

How does rushing through assignments contribute to errors?

The brain tends to make assumptions about words when reading quickly, resulting in missing or misinterpreting information. This haste leads to more errors than usual and a higher likelihood of inaccurate content.

Why is it recommended to utilize the provided time for assignments?

Utilizing the provided time allows for thorough research, understanding, and thoughtful composition of the assignment. This leads to a higher quality of work and a better grasp of the subject matter.

What’s the key to creating the best possible assignment?

The best assignments are crafted through a methodical approach that involves careful research, thoughtful consideration, and sufficient time for composition. Rushing through the process often results in subpar outcomes.

Posted on December 17, 2016 by NAH