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Assembly Language Definition

Assembly language is also known as ASM, in the field of computer programming assembly language is the low-level programming language in which there is an extreme similarity between the architecture’s machine code instructions and instructions in the language. AL first appeared in 1949. Every AL is designed particularly for one specific computer architecture because assembly hangs on the machine code instructions. Assembly language is also known as SMC (symbolic machine code). Each AL has specific computer architecture and an operating system. Assembly language is a high-level programming language and is mainly portable across multiple architectures but demands complaining which is a more difficult task than assembly.

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To know the background of assembly language, let us discuss some main important types of assembly language.

Types of Assembly Language

AL closely connects to processor architecture. Assembly language classified into 4 types:-

  • Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC)
  • Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC)
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW)

Let us discuss these types one by one for your better understanding.

  • CISC:- Complex instruction set computer is a single instruction of a computer which can execute several low-level operations, for example, a memory store, load from memory and arithmetic operations. They are capable of multiple level operations within single instructions.
  • RISC:- Reduced instruction set computer is a highly optimized set of instructions. The main point of RISC architecture is the bunch of instructions. It is optimizing with the large numbers of the highly regular instruction pipeline. This allows CPI (clock cycle per instructions). The central characteristic of RISC is store architecture.
  • DSP:- Digital signal processing is highly used for digital processing which allows the computer to be more digital to perform a large variety of signal processing operations. Digital signal is represented as a result of the pulse train. Digital signal processing includes speech and audio processing, radar, sonar and other sensors.
  • VLIW:- Very long instruction word is a concern to the instruction set architecture which is designed to utilize the ILP (instruction-level parallelism) whereas standard CPU allows instructions in sequence only.

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Assembly Language uses

  • Generally, AL is using in the system’s boot code.
  • Assembly language is normally using as a real-time system, device driver and low level embedded system.
  • Only assembly language can talk directly to the hardware.
  • Assembly uses for anything related to software.

Assembly Language Problems and Solutions

Above all, it is popularly one of the first programming languages and from now onwards there are various and more high-level types of programming languages present in the market.

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